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After learning the philosophy and magic of passive income through legitimate businesses, I realized that it actually creates three essential components that can lead to an excellent lifestyle.



By building a business that is generating multiple income streams, one can eventually become financially free which is better than being reliant on a J.O.B. ("Joining Other's Business") and being chained to the workplace for nine to twelve hours!

A business like this, however, is never a lazy way toward riches. Rather, this is a self-improvement journey and a process of maximizing peak potentials. It gradually develops business skills and formulates ways to develop steady online revenue streams. As one becomes an expert, his dreams of financial independence can be achieved.


When a passive income business is running smoothly, more time becomes available. Working smart may replace a daytime JOB, thus, having more moments to spend with family. One can also do better things like venturing a hobby, learning other skills or simply enjoying an improved life.

Working smart to develop multiple income streams requires lesser time. Even in times of being away for a vacation, wealth is created continuously. In short, less work; more money!


After achieving high profits and more time from a passive income business, one can ultimately become capable of contributing more to his community and society. Helping others becomes a way of life. One can give back and share his blessings to others.

Many people wish to help but are unable to do so. A person can give, after establishing a very profitable business! One can also teach others what he learned about in terms of making good money. As a result of this kindness, honor and self-esteem is achieved.

PIncPassion encourages you to have passive income passion!

This website aims to give a better picture of brilliant businesses of the 21st century. Here, you can learn how to identify work from home opportunities and find new and effective ways of earning passive income in a straight forward but comprehensive manner.

Its goal is to encourage individuals for entrepreneurship.

Its intention is also to prove that financial freedom, through legitimate home businesses, is attainable.

Freedom Rocks!

Legitimate home businesses can give back hope to those who long for a better life and a better future for their families.

I wish to share everything that I learned which you might find useful. My foundation is simple knowledge, honesty and sincerity.

My site continues to grow as I add more valuable pages that I am confident you will appreciate.

Please contact me for any comments, inquiries or suggestions.

Keep regular visit on this website and you will get online gems like:

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Think PIncPassion, short for passive income passion, the information website for people with the burning desire to achieve success online!

Please remember this: It is you choice to take passive income opportunities or not. They are always available and within reach! There are creative ways to earn extra income and one only needs to decide to seize the chance.

"Passion" is the key!

It is a fact that numerous business opportunities from home are available today. A lot of online business systems are also accessible. Anyone, including you, can make passive income. Why not plan for a happy early retirement!

Passive income means a superior life. Who does not want that?

Is this instant or quick ways to make money? Well, easy wealth is not the subject here. Although, generating nonstop income is a simple and smart task.

There are also challenges. There will be initial failures in a home based business. But, when done properly with consistency and without procrastination, momentum will start. Soon, life will change significantly.

People will start noticing the change as soon as it does. This means another opportunity for you to share. They can be inspired and be motivated to act and do the same for their future.

By sharing the wealth secret to others, you will also earn more respect from those people you have helped. So, strive to make money today and enjoy an excellent lifestyle tomorrow!

Table of Contents

PIncPassion Google Search
PincPassion Google Search
PIncPassion - The Truth Will Set You Free!
Develop Passive Income Passion and know the truth. PIncPassion reveals the truth about passive income opportunities.
True Passive Income Opportunities That Makes Automated Income.
Learn clearly about passive income opportunities and its essential types. Know the truth about easy wealth. Online and automated income included.
Excellent Residual Income Opportunities Make Lots Of Money Fast
Residual income opportunities make it possible to earn extra income from home - Brilliant ways on how to become rich which anyone can do.
Passive and Residual Income, PIncPassion's Distinction
The Passive vs residual argument. PIncPassion compares passive and residual income. Both lead to financial freedom but how do they differ?
Seizing A Residual Income Opportunity
Your residual income opportunity is here. Open our mind on the best internet business ideas. Learn the possibilities of creating residual income.
The Best Legitimate Internet Business to Take
Countless residual income opportunities are available online? Yes, but, the best legitimate internet business is that which combines most if not all of them.
Legitimate Online Business: How To Effectively Find Them
Check the 7 guidelines so you can be sure that it is legitimate online business. Beware of get rich quick and empty promises.
Internet Marketing Scams Comes In Forms You should Know
While Passive income opportunities continue to develop online, Internet marketing scams also grow enormously, masked as legitimate online businesses.
Online Scams: How To Effectively Avoid Them Quickly
Know the 7 critical signs of online scams? PIncPassion reveals the secrets of internet frauds.
Passive Income Opportunity is Global
This passive income opportunity is a diamond to both ordinary individuals and corporate giants. The smart utilize it is principles to gain huge profits.
Why Choose Network Marketing Business
Learn the 12 factors of a successful network marketing business. Then, you will know why it is a fantastic passive income opportunity for everybody.
Network Marketing Tools for Fast Profit from Home
Network marketing tools help marketers develop a strong business and a huge web of associates. It makes ambitious individuals achieve fast profit from home.
Wealth Building Strategies: People Tools Create Passive Income
Wealth building strategies through people tools can earn money fast. Set smart goals early to build peak potentials and create passive income soon.
Profit From Home: Creating Passive Income - Places
Make money today by learning valuable profit from home entrepreneur ideas. Places - It can lead from earning extra money to creating passive income.
Financial Leverage and Passive Income Opportunity: Guide Tools
Financial leverage guide tools help build income at home. Add to your home based business plan and quickly illustrate your passive income opportunity.
Make a Website for a Passive Income Business
Consider the 6 important things before making a passive income website. Learn the 3 advantages when you make a website with passion. Do the 4 steps to make your website sell.
Achieve Online Income Through Affiliate Sales
Learn the 5 common forms affiliate advertising. Take note its 7 benefits of affiliate sales and start earning passive online income today.
Web Marketing Tools for Passive Income Online Business
Discover the 6 benefits of web marketing tools. See the 7 widely used tools for online passive income business. Get examples and safety precaution.
Easy Business Time Management System: 5 Strategies and Activities
Gain utmost passive income business productivity with a time management system. Study this mini time management course and gain lost time.
Importance of Online Home Business Motivation
8 amazing things happen when you are motivated. 2 instances are triggered by motivation. There are 10 ways to self-motivation. Use them on your online home business.
Achieving Financial Freedom Online via Passive Income Opportunity
Check these 5 utmost changes to your life after having financial freedom online. Manifest money through profitable business ideas.
Learn How to Retire Rich and Retire Quickly
Which of these 6 options can make you retire rich? Get rich online, get a job or get rich fast illegally. Choose wisely on how to become rich.
The Passive Income Passion Blog
Get information about financial freedom online through passive income opportunities, internet business opportunities and legitimate online business.
PIncPassion Ezine - To Your Successful Future!
PIncPassion Ezines give you more valuable stuffs like detailed discussions, eye-openers, training and motivation and a taste of the excellent lifestyle.
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